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Keeping Your INFINITI Software Up To Date

Cars these days are becoming more and more like four-wheeled computers. INFINITI's without exception are leading this trend and include cool features like turn by turn navigation systems, WiFi hotspots, hands-free technology as well as all sorts of onboard diagnostics.


Each year new technologies add to the list of features that make the vehicles more and more computer-like.

While this technology can make your life a lot simpler and convenient in so many ways, it can also cause your vehicle to become vulnerable to hacking.

Updating Vehicle Software

That is why it's essential to update your INFINITI vehicle software regularly. You don't want some random hacker messing with your vehicle. Frequently new software updates will be communicated via email from either the manufacturer or dealer or both.

Some updates can be performed using a USB drive, while others may be more involved and will require you to bring your car to a dealership or a trusted professional INFINITI certified service station. It's best to refer to your vehicles owners manual or contact your INFINITI dealer.


Some manufacture recalls and updates may require you to bring the car in to be serviced rather than trying to do it a home. When in doubt, call your local INFINITI dealer for more information.

You can also do an INFINITI Recall Check By VIN.

INFINITI Recall lookup By VIN

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

If you get your vehicle serviced often, make sure the dealer or service station includes updating the software if necessary as part of the service.


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