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INFINITI Forward Emergency Braking

INFINITI is always thinking safety first and has incorporated what is known as a Forward Emergency Braking system into their new INFINITI models like the Q50 and Q60.

INFINITI's Forward Emergency Braking System Helps You Monitor Your Surroundings

By using advanced technology to calculate the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, as well as the speed of both vehicles, this INFINITI innovation can detect the possibility of a collision, and help you avoid it.

INFINITI Forward Emergency Braking

Two Stage Warning System

At the heart of the Forward, Emergency Braking system is a 2 stage warning alert system; both intended to give the driver the most actionable information possible in an inherently fluid situation where a crash may occur.

Risk Detected

The system alerts the driver with visual and audible cues and pushes the accelerator pedal up. If the driver releases the accelerator, the system applies partial braking.

When the system detects a problem, a “Risk Detected” warning will alert a driver with both visual and audible cues that the circumstance may be more severe than they had initially discerned. The system automatically slows down the car by pushing up accelerator pedal.  If a driver releases the accelerator, the system automatically applies partial braking – thus reducing your speed and improving conditions to avoid a head-on collision.

Collision May Occur

If the driver doesn’t take action, the system provides an additional set of warnings and applies harder braking to help the driver avoid an accident, or mitigate the consequences should one occur.
The second warning stage is called “Collision May Occur.”  If in a scenario where the driver doesn't respond to warnings of any kind, the warning system will automatically apply an additional set of warnings in an attempt to alert the driver of impending danger. If the driver continues to do nothing, the vehicle will automatically brake harder to either help the driver avoid a collision or to reduce the overall impact by slowing the car down.


Features like INFINITI's Forward Emergency Braking provide a bit more peace of mind when driving and help protect loved ones.   To find out more information about Forward Emergency Braking, or to get answers to your important INFINITI questions, contact us at Airport INFINITI today.


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