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INFINITI Qx50 ProPILOT Assist: The Latest Driver Support and Connectivity Technology

The automotive industry is constantly advancing with new technology and safety features. Recent advancements range from all-electric to entirely self-driving vehicles. These new technologies are creating a shift away from the traditional driving experience. INFINITI's ProPILOT Assist technology has both embraced these advancements and preserved the things that we have always enjoyed about driving.  This technology provides drivers with support that will make driving safer and more enjoyable but maintains the driver's control over the vehicle. INFINITI's ProPILOT Assist feature is available on model year 2019 or newer INFINITI Qx50's. Check out this article below to learn more about the next step in driving technology and see why the INFINITI Qx50 could be the perfect vehicle for you!

ProPILOT Assist autonomous drive support and in-car connectivity - INFINITI Press Pack Library

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INFINITI Forward Emergency Braking

INFINITI is always thinking safety first and has incorporated what is known as a Forward Emergency Braking system into their new INFINITI models like the Q50 and Q60.

INFINITI's Forward Emergency Braking System Helps You Monitor Your Surroundings

By using advanced technology to calculate the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, as well as the speed of both vehicles, this INFINITI innovation can detect the possibility of a collision, and help you avoid it.

INFINITI Forward Emergency Braking

Two Stage Warning System

At the heart of the Forward, Emergency Braking system is a 2 stage warning alert system; both intended to give the driver the most actionable information possible in an inherently fluid situation where a crash may occur.

Risk Detected

The system alerts the driver with visual and audible cues and pushes the accelerator pedal up. If the driver releases the accelerator, the system applies partial braking.

When the system detects a problem, a “Risk Detected” warning will alert a driver with both visual and audible cues that the circumstance may be more severe than they had initially discerned. The system automatically slows down the car by pushing up accelerator pedal.  If a driver releases the accelerator, the system automatically applies partial braking – thus reducing your speed and improving conditions to avoid a head-on collision.

Collision May Occur

If the driver doesn’t take action, the system provides an additional set of warnings and applies harder braking to help the driver avoid an accident, or mitigate the consequences should one occur.
The second warning stage is called “Collision May Occur.”  If in a scenario where the driver doesn't respond to warnings of any kind, the warning system will automatically apply an additional set of warnings in an attempt to alert the driver of impending danger. If the driver continues to do nothing, the vehicle will automatically brake harder to either help the driver avoid a collision or to reduce the overall impact by slowing the car down.


Features like INFINITI's Forward Emergency Braking provide a bit more peace of mind when driving and help protect loved ones.   To find out more information about Forward Emergency Braking, or to get answers to your important INFINITI questions, contact us at Airport INFINITI today.

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Keeping Your INFINITI Software Up To Date

Cars these days are becoming more and more like four-wheeled computers. INFINITI's without exception are leading this trend and include cool features like turn by turn navigation systems, WiFi hotspots, hands-free technology as well as all sorts of onboard diagnostics.


Each year new technologies add to the list of features that make the vehicles more and more computer-like.

While this technology can make your life a lot simpler and convenient in so many ways, it can also cause your vehicle to become vulnerable to hacking.

Updating Vehicle Software

That is why it's essential to update your INFINITI vehicle software regularly. You don't want some random hacker messing with your vehicle. Frequently new software updates will be communicated via email from either the manufacturer or dealer or both.

Some updates can be performed using a USB drive, while others may be more involved and will require you to bring your car to a dealership or a trusted professional INFINITI certified service station. It's best to refer to your vehicles owners manual or contact your INFINITI dealer.


Some manufacture recalls and updates may require you to bring the car in to be serviced rather than trying to do it a home. When in doubt, call your local INFINITI dealer for more information.

You can also do an INFINITI Recall Check By VIN.

INFINITI Recall lookup By VIN

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

If you get your vehicle serviced often, make sure the dealer or service station includes updating the software if necessary as part of the service.

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2019 Infiniti Q50 Safety Feature Around View Monitor

The all new 2019 INFINITI Q50 comes with a host of great safety features and one of them is called the Around View Monitor.
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